Artist Bio


I have been living in the beautiful Northwest for more than 8 year. It inspire me artistically. For the first time I saw the Purple Mountain Majesty, it is real!. It is not just in a song.


I arrive US and obtain 3 scholarships. I majored in Fine Art in University of Oregon for MA first.


I believed that there are no colors in our universe until there is dust in our atmosphere. This belief originated from my art training in China: I could paint a beautiful landscape on a white background in black and grays; I could paint animals, flowers and human figures in the same way.


I remember I thought I had gotten into trouble with one of my professors at Oregon University, because the opinion that black and white are the colors of our universe. The following semester I transfered to Southern Illinois University, My fear of losing the scholarship. It turned out the professor gave me an A on that course. This just prove I am right. Being a student in China, you do not disagree with your professors. That was my fear, I was wrong. I start to appreciate the free thinking approach in art and all the learning in general in this great country.


After I transferred to Southern Illinois University, I did not like the environment of the university. It was not an exciting place to learn and I had to order art supplies from a catalog. Only living creature to accompany me for my study and painting was a dog. It was a boxer and a bungalow all by myself. There is no art store in Carbon dale Ill. I decide to go to Northeast near New York City where the action was.


Those days, a collage student only source of income was to be a waitress in large resort hotels. I did that for a summer and learned all the hotel menus. When the summer was over, I had to get serious on my study. I enrolled in Pratt Institute for my continuing study for a MA degree. I was living in a apartment in upper New York City . I had to travel by subway to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. It turn out to be a very dangerous area to travel on subway. So I quited the school and looking for a job to support myself.


I went to a professional placement agency. The agent went through my background suggested that I should get a portfolio together, looking for a job in textile industry. This is why I was a textile designer for a long time and in the course of my career,

I have won two Tommy Awards from The American printed Fabrics Council in New York City.


Now after all these year, I move to Northwest because of my only daughter Vanessa. It means both me and my husband, our dog and fishes had to move to Washington. I am glad we made the move.


After I discover there are more colors than black white and grays. I really jump into painting on canvas with acrylic. I have a considerable collection of art works painted on silk too.


Now I enjoy the colors as much as the black and white colors in my believe. I venture into the color world and enjoy the new found freedom in the creations in all my art works.


In this online gallery of my, I will show you my art works using acrylic on canvas and art works painted on silk. Open up your artistic sense in my art work.


In this online gallery I will introduce you to Chinese Characters in my art works. They are more in the realm of minimalist and Zen. The Chinese character has always had spiritual significance in the culture of China.


I always believe Chinese characters are picture language.. By looking at a character, I can recognize what it means, all the symbols add up together created a new character. For instance: the sun and moon symbols together created the word “enlightenment”or “bright”. Another example to prove my point is the character “Grace”. Grace in Chinese character is made up with two pictograph. On top of this character is a man confined in a small square space, below is a pictograph of a heart. Which symbolize forgiveness and kindness of a individual to his opponent. The person-relies on his heart achieves grace. Feel free to contact Shun Lee, she loves to hear from you. She can be reached via email below: [email protected]