After all these years, I move to Northwest becasue of my only daughter Vanessa It means both I and my husband, our dog and fishes have to move to Washington. I am glade we made the move. The air is so clean and landscape is so beautiful. No wander there are so many landscape  artists. May be I will try my hand to paint scenery of Northwest one of these days.  For now I will paint ladies and teach student how to paint on silk in Ben Franklin. I met  quiet a few fine artis there. At one time we had group of artis meet in Ben Franklin  called Open Studio. That was really great group of artists. I miss them all. Now I am concentrate all my energy on this online gallery. I will show you my art works using acrylic on canvas and art works painted on pure silk. Open your artistic sense. I welcome viewers asking questions how to paint with acrylic and paint on silk. Please email me with your concerns. my email address is [email protected].  Silk painting is an ancient art and silk painting could produce lots of every day items, like paint scarfs, pillows, t-shirt and art works you could frame it anf hang on your wall.

I currently teach how to paint on silk at Ben Franklin the name of the class is "Art of Silk". Find out more detail online at
www.bfranklincrafts.com.  Click their class link than fine art click.

believed that there are no colors in our u

When the first time I decide to looking for a job, after I decide the collage professor could not teach me any more than I already know. So I went to a professional placement agency in New York City. The agent went through my background suggested that I should get a portfolio together, looking for a job in textile industry. This is how I am a textile designer for a long time and in the course of my career, I have won two Tommy Awards from The American printed Fabrics Council in New York City. Now after all these year, I move to Northwest because of my only daughter Vanessa. I am glad we made the moved. My designs painted on silk are presented by Patricia Nugent Textiles, located  at 1631 15th Ave. West Suite 311, Seattle WA 98119. Phone 206-285-6658.


I have been living in the beautiful Northwest for more than 8 years. It inspire me artistically. For the first time I saw the Purple Mountain Majesty, it is real!. It is not just in a song. One guy I forgot who he was at the time. He said to me because you just had vision corrective surgery. He said: This is why you see the purple mountain for the first time. I said: Give me A break!

After I discover there are more colors than black white and gray. I really jump into painting on canvas with acrylic. I have a considerable collection of art works painted on silk, which due to my career as a textile designer.


Education: 1964 Pratt Institute

Seeking Master Degree, Major: Fine Arts

1963-1964 Southern Illinois University

Seeking Graduate Degree, Major: Fine Arts

1962- 1963 Oregon University

Seeking Graduate Degree Major in Fine Arts

1956-1960 Taiwan Normal University


Awards: 1992 Tommy Award

American Printed Fabric Council

1993 Tommy Award ( Second award )

American Printed Fabric Council


niverse until there is dust in our atmosphere. This belief originated from my art training in China: I could paint a beautiful landscape on a white background in black and grays; I could paint animals, flowers and human figures in the same ways